Atmos Q 3


The Atmos Q3 uses a triple quartz atomizer to give you a strong vapor at the touch of a Button. It comes with a 1100mAh lithium-ion battery , micro-usb charging , simple interchanging atomizer and quick heat up times. The Atmos Q3 is the perfect device for your wax vapor needs. 

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The Atmos Q3 is a powerful wax consistency vaporizer that uses a pure triple quartz atomizer, combined with the an extremely powerful battery to produce rich and potent vapor. It is compact and encased in a durable scratch-resistant rubberized finish for added portability. Equipped with a powerful 1100mAh lithium-ion battery, the Q3 will provide an impressive amount of cycles before needing to be recharged, and with a variety of other features including: a high-speed heat up time, an easy access glass mouthpiece, Atmos’ patented spring loaded connection, micro-USB charging, and an easily interchanged atomizer, the Q3 establishes itself as one of the most convenient devices for portable wax consistency vaping.


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